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CSR / Partnerships

Our aim is to bring about sustainable solutions for the needy people by collaborating with corporates, public and private bodies ,organizations and individuals and a helping hand from you will push us closer to achieving our aims.

1) For Corporates

Corporate social responsibility helps corporates tremendously for improving their face value and goes a long way in bringing goodwill for them in the social sector where they operate by aligning their business with CSR.
Welfare First stands by you in ensuring your corporate social responsibility is fulfilled.We have had the privilege of partenering with various organizations till date.We shall execute on your behalf for the downtrodden.
We therefore act as catalysts by inviting corporates to partner with us by supporting/adopting either of our progrrammes listed under ‘our work’ or by letting us design a new programme through our team members who are also CSR consultants.Corporates get tax exemption under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act, India.

Ways to partner with us

  • Adopt a Project
  • Adopt a programme
  • Pay Roll Giving.(Employees spare a small amount from their salary each month and in turn the companies can match the same amount and donate it to Welfare First for a cause).
  • Cause Related Marketing (9 in 10 consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause,Welfare First urges corporates to align their company with a cause through our ngo).
  • Employee Engagement (an activity like singing ,painting ,dancing ,aerobics is arranged in tune with your company profile and the volunteer has to supervise and interact with the children during such events).
  • Initiate a Project with us
  • Partner with us to drive your CSR Initiative
  • Be a Corporate Philanthropist
  • Donate a part amount from the sales of your products and services.
  • Sponsor an event and donate part of the ticket sales proceeds.
  • Putting up the Welfare First e-badge on your website.
  • Sponsoring ad space for Welfare First
  • Build awareness on issues about women empowerment and gender equality and Welfare First.
  • Conduct an awareness campaign about girl child in your offices.
  • Start a community based health programme.
  • Provide healthy environment for the growth of children
  • Provide education centers.
  • Provide educational aids and develop permanent structures
  • Construct schools in remote areas
  • Provide healthcare and education

2)Development organization/ngo

We can also partner with other development organizations or ngos and work for the welfare of the society by either collaborating with other ngos in their activities or they can collaborate with us in their activities.


Welfare First can partner with educational institutions ,malls or other public platforms for improving the lives of the downtrodden in the following manner:
  • Conducting awareness camps about gender equality ,education etc .
  • Fundraising events can be held at the college.
  • Students can get internship opportunities.
  • Welfare First can be a part of various annual events which can be used as a platform to spread awareness about various issues.

4) Network for us on social media in the following manner:

  • Share our page on Google+, Facebbok, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Share our presentation on Slideshare
  • Spread the word by driving a campaign for Welfare First
  • Write stories and updates for our Blog
  • Preparing E newsletter
  • Preparing video clips