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About us


We at ‘Welfare First’ believe in the power of humble beginnings. Founded in 2012 by like minded friends and luminaries in various fields, over the years, we have grown our team strengths and our philanthropic services. As a non-profitable organization, our comprehensive programmes and interventions in food & nutrition, health & sanitation, education & awareness and community empowerment have since been time-honored and organized on the foundation pillars of Social Justice and Human Rights. We focus on social and economic change through community involvement and collective action to enhance human wellbeing both individually and collectively.Our profoundly ingrained values and work ethics have helped us in establishing as a leading NPO among our Indian peers.We advocate partnering CSR initiatives with our foundation for social development and growth.


No hunger,poverty or human rights violations anywhere…….only fulfilled lives everywhere.


Bringing about empowerment for underprivileged children,women and disadvantaged persons by providing healthcare,ensuring education and by finding solutions for social injustice.